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U Value Calculator

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Name of Wall Element Supplier or Classification Product / Material Thickness (mm) Thermal Conductivity Thermal Resistance

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Useful tips on using the U Value Calculator

In the 'Name of Wall Element' try to enter a meaningful name for the part of the construction you are refering to. It will make more sense should you later refer back to the calculation.

If you cannot find a particular building element or product in the first dropdown list, choose 'Custom Figures', leave the second drop down list blank, and then enter the thickness AND thermal conductivity values as appropriate.

The calculator updates itself by referencing a database on the Knauf Marmorit web server every time you enter new values into it. If your internet connection is slow, it may take a second or two longer for the calculator to update its figures in response to your input. Some figures only appear after you click away from the drop down list boxes.

Should you have any questions about using the U Value Calculator please email them to our website administrator


This U Value calculator is provided for information purposes and does not extend into condensation risk analysis. Knauf Marmorit UK GmbH would always recommend that a full condensation risk calculation is undertaken prior to any commencements of work. Please contact the Knauf Marmorit Technical office for further information regarding the condensation risk.

The above is based upon information available to us at the time of preparation and no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions. Knauf Marmorit UK GmbH reserve the right to alter information without prior notice.

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