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Insulated Systems

The following insulated systems are available from Knauf Marmorit:-
Warm Wall Basis - This basic standard system significantly reduces energy costs and is an economic solution. Energy lost is reduced by using of the Warm Wall Basis system and improves the thermal performance of any building. Warm Wall Basis systems can be used for new projects, refurbishment or upgrading older style buildings, where an increased thermal performance of the building is desired.
Warm Wall Energy - The energy saving facade solution using a unique tongued and grooved polystyrene insulation is the basis of a energy saving solution suitable for new or refurbishment, with its great thermal performance makes it a perfect choice. The unique tongued and grooved insulation helps eliminate cold bridging.
Warm Wall Plus - Knauf Marmorit Warm Wall systems are the most cost effective way to insulate new and old buildings providing efficient thermal properties and allowing for creative designs. Warm Wall Plus has the added advantage of sound reduction and superior fire protection, and can be used in new build projects or renovation.
Warm Wall Duo - Warm Wall Duo is the next generation of systems to upgrade properties with an existing externally insulated system, to meet the more demanding current thermal values required in buildings. Warm Wall Duo is fixed to an existing insulated facade and can easily upgrade existing buildings, which will enhance the thermal performance of the old facade and makes use of the Warm Wall Energy System.
Warm Wall Nature - Warm Wall Nature is a unique natural system which utilises natural materials to provide a thermally efficient way to insulate you external facade. Warm Wall Nature combines the use of natural materials to provide a thermally efficient natural environment to any new build project.
Warm Wall Slimtherm - Increasing demands on energy and thermal performance make the Warm Wall Slimtherm the perfect choice for refurbishment or new build. Utilising the use of Phenolic Insulation as the base of the system makes this system highly thermally efficient, and a reduced facade thickness, making the upgrading of older properties with reduced soffits possible, and can be used for new projects as well.
Warm Wall Cavity Rail - Warm Wall Cavity Rail Systems will be required to meet the requirements of the NHBC for residential properties constructed from timber or light weight steel frame and require a External Wall Insulation System. These systems are best suited to new build construction, but can be utilised when old substrates are misaligned or unable to use a Warm Wall standard system.

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