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Application Description:

Render only to Blockwork can be achieved with solutions from the Knauf Marmorit range of basecoat renders and top coat finishes.

For a successful render project large or small a wide range of substrates can be covered with Knauf Marmorit render systems.

Identification of the basecoat to match the strength of the Blockwork substrate is the key element for success, along with the introduction of reinforcing mesh into the basecoat, to provide a crack resistant render base for application of a finish coat from the range available.

Conni S from the range of Silicon finishes, is available in wide range of colours from the Colour Concept range and will provide an excellent finish to a project and is available in 1mm, 1.5mm 2mm and 3mm grain size.

SP260 is an excellent mineral finish alternative, where a heaver grain is desired and is available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm grain sizes and can be further enhanced using a Knauf Marmorit Siliconhartz Equaliser facade paint or a self cleaning effect Autol facade paint, and are available in selected colours from the Colour Concept range.

Some popular example combinations are shown in the table below, but other combinations may be possible please contact our technical department for further help, guidance or for a specification to be raised.

SubstrateDense BlockworkMedium BlockworkLightweight BlockworkZiegel Blocks
Primer  Neutrasit 
Finish CoatConni


Render only onto blockwork

Special Project Feature


Royal Victoria Square


Patel Taylor

Marmorit System

SM700 with Pico 0.6mm
Marble Render

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